Do The Hot Summer Months Slow Real Estate Sales?

Westcoe Realtors, Riverside Ca…Ok, we get it. When it’s 105 degrees out, no one is exactly jumping for joy…but it is Riverside, it is the summer, and we do live pretty close to the real desert in Palm Springs, so we’re used to a few hot days.

However, we had a buyer ask us this week if the hot summer weather has a negative effect on real estate sales in our area. This is an interesting question, and upon reflection, our answer was…No more than the rain affects sales in Seattle, cold winters affect sales in Chicago, and heat and humidity affect sales in Miami.

In other words, every city in the United States has some sort of weather issue at some point in the year, and as such, the locals simply learn to adapt to whatever the norm is for that area. Yes, it can get hot here in Riverside in the summer, but that doesn’t bring all business activity to a halt. In fact, the summer months are some of our most active months of the year.

Which brings us to the next question…is there a slow time for real estate sales in our area? The answer to this is a qualified yes, but it is our opinion that the slow time we have is pretty universal throughout the United States, because it has nothing to do with weather.

It’s called December, and the real estate sales simply take a back seat to most all holiday activities.

Regular life is hectic enough, but when you add the time and stresses that the holidays can bring, most of the time real estate sales simply get put on hold until after the festivities are over. This does not mean that homes do not sell during December…not at all. It just means that the unit numbers are far less than generally any other month.

As far as our most active months…well, pick one. Because we live and work in Southern California, our weather is very conducive to doing most anything at any given time…which includes house hunting. Perhaps in other parts of the country, there is more of a seasonal feel to real estate sales, but here in SoCal, every day is a good day for finding a house if you are in the market as a buyer. Other than the holidays mentioned above, we simply don’t have a “season” for home sales…every month can be as busy as the next. Remember, many people live in Southern California for just that reason…good weather year around.

So…if you are looking for a home in our area in the summer, we suggest you simply dress appropriately, stay hydrated, and remember that these couple of hotter months are the small price we pay for all the other fantastic months that the rest of the county wishes they had!

Take care, and as always, let us know if you have any question you would like to see us address in our blog space here.

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